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Exploring the cultural context of video games with Kotaku reporter Patrick Klepek, freelance writer Gita Jackson, and middle school teacher Sam Phillips.

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    Episode 63: Weekend Edition

    Gita and Patrick discuss what it's like writing for an audience of millions, and recount their early experiences with No Man's Sky. Sam valiantly tries to interview his students.

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    Episode 62: New York, New York

    With Patrick out of town and Gita backed up on deadline, Patrick and Sam file independent reports from New York and Chicago.

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    Episode 61: Vice City

    Patrick and Gita hope they don't break any bones in the future before discussing Patrick's new job at Vice and the weirdness of trying to plan out a "career."

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    Episode 60: Ted Cruz 2016

    Patrick, Sam, and Gita discuss the decline of the American rollercoaster, Quadrilateral Cowboy, Capcom's embrace of Hot Ryu, and dive deep into the nightmare that is politics in 2016.

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    Episode 59: The Demise of Sam Phillips

    Sam Phillips reveals his existential nightmare over the rise of Donald Trump before Gita Jackson and Patrick Klepek join in to answer a bunch of reader mail.

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    Episode 58: Pokégasm

    Patrick, Gita, and Sam spend an hour gushing about Nintendo's new phenomenon, Pokémon Go.

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    Episode 57: Hold Me Closer, Tiny Vurper

    Is that a fan you hear in the background? Yes. (Sorry. ) Is that the group doing their best to record after a long holiday? Yes. Patrick, Sam, and Gita discuss beer pong vs. flippy cup before a long examination of "development hell" and why creativity is such a tough process.

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    Episode 56: Shark Tank lol

    Gita, Sam, and Patrick break down the games they've been playing--35MM, Inside, Inks--before Sam takes them on a journey to a children's version of the TV show Shark Tank. Seriously! Later, the group opens up about depression, anxiety, and treating your mental health.

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    Episode 55: Justin Bieber Enjoys Cool Sunglasses

    Patrick, Gita, and Sam return from a week away, thanks to E3. Gita tell us about her chance encounter with Justin Bieber (seriously!), Patrick explains how to get a good deal on a car, and everyone congratulates Austin Walker in his new job at VICE.

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    Episode 54: E3 Dads

    With everyone busy with life stuff, Patrick, Gita, and Sam file individual reports in the lead up to next week's big industry event, E3.

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