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Exploring the cultural context of video games with Kotaku reporter Patrick Klepek, freelance writer Gita Jackson, and middle school teacher Sam Phillips.

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    Episode 72: The End

    In this final episode of Match 3, your three hosts—Patrick, Gita, and Sam—discuss their anxieties about Donald Trump's election, and get a little teary-eyed as they say goodbye to the podcast. Thanks for all of your support, love, honesty, and time. We couldn't—and wouldn't—have done it without you.

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    Episode 71: Go Cubbies!

    Patrick and Gita convene, as Patrick reacts to the Cubs game in real-time and breaks down Waypoint's 72-hour launch in New York this past weekend., while Gita discusses her time in the trenches at Kotaku.

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    Episode 70: Inside Baseball

    Patrick, Gita, and Sam join around the table once again, as Gita announces her new role at Kotaku, Patrick reveals VICE Gaming is now Waypoint, and Sam explains that he's jetlagged.

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    Episode 69: Remotecast

    Patrick, Gita, and Sam file reports on the weirdness of sharing children's photos on social media, being drunk and talking about Quantico (??), and the weirdess of Clutertruck and Thumper.

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    Episode 68: Don't Clean Strangers

    Patrick and Gita give Sam a hall pass this week, before they break down the tragedy of trying to "win" in Rimworld, crappy final boss battles, and react to your horrifying carry-on stories.

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    Episode 67: Trumpcast

    Patrick, Gita, and Sam join hands and summon the strength to discuss the first debate between Clinton and Trump.

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    Episode 66: Your Source For Brangelina Hot Takes

    Patrick, Sam, and Gita crowd around a table of microphones to not actually talk about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, but reminisce about our first jobs, worry about what tarot cards say about Sam's future, and respond to your emails. (Send us more!)

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    Episode 65: Two White Boys That Sit With Gita

    The podcast returns, following the birth of Patrick's first child, with Patrick, Gita, and Sam catching up on the last two weeks and answering your emails.

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    Episode 64: Ding Dong, Gawker's Dead

    Patrick, Sam, and Gita finally get in a room together again to discuss the legacy of, which went offline this week, the result of a lawsuit connected to Hulk Hogan's leaked sex tape.

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    Episode 63: Weekend Edition

    Gita and Patrick discuss what it's like writing for an audience of millions, and recount their early experiences with No Man's Sky. Sam valiantly tries to interview his students.

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    Episode 62: New York, New York

    With Patrick out of town and Gita backed up on deadline, Patrick and Sam file independent reports from New York and Chicago.

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    Episode 61: Vice City

    Patrick and Gita hope they don't break any bones in the future before discussing Patrick's new job at Vice and the weirdness of trying to plan out a "career."

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    Episode 60: Ted Cruz 2016

    Patrick, Sam, and Gita discuss the decline of the American rollercoaster, Quadrilateral Cowboy, Capcom's embrace of Hot Ryu, and dive deep into the nightmare that is politics in 2016.

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    Episode 59: The Demise of Sam Phillips

    Sam Phillips reveals his existential nightmare over the rise of Donald Trump before Gita Jackson and Patrick Klepek join in to answer a bunch of reader mail.

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    Episode 58: Pokégasm

    Patrick, Gita, and Sam spend an hour gushing about Nintendo's new phenomenon, Pokémon Go.

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    Episode 57: Hold Me Closer, Tiny Vurper

    Is that a fan you hear in the background? Yes. (Sorry. ) Is that the group doing their best to record after a long holiday? Yes. Patrick, Sam, and Gita discuss beer pong vs. flippy cup before a long examination of "development hell" and why creativity is such a tough process.

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    Episode 56: Shark Tank lol

    Gita, Sam, and Patrick break down the games they've been playing--35MM, Inside, Inks--before Sam takes them on a journey to a children's version of the TV show Shark Tank. Seriously! Later, the group opens up about depression, anxiety, and treating your mental health.

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    Episode 55: Justin Bieber Enjoys Cool Sunglasses

    Patrick, Gita, and Sam return from a week away, thanks to E3. Gita tell us about her chance encounter with Justin Bieber (seriously!), Patrick explains how to get a good deal on a car, and everyone congratulates Austin Walker in his new job at VICE.

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    Episode 54: E3 Dads

    With everyone busy with life stuff, Patrick, Gita, and Sam file individual reports in the lead up to next week's big industry event, E3.

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    Episode 53: Sausagecast

    As Sam recounts his Mega Bus journey to Ohio and comes away disappointed with the Hardee's food franchise, Gita laments the fall of Britney Spears, thanks to her new iPhone game. Later, the group answers emails about trigger warnings in games, ambiguous endings, and more.

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    Episode 52: Insufferably Pretentious

    Gita and Patrick gush over the new Doom game, while Sam reveals his not-so-secret Bachelorette obsession. Then, the group tackles the ongoing Ghostbusters gender controversy, and how such incidents force us to pick sides we don't want to be on.

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    Episode 51: Is Mark Zuckerberg A Dick?

    Patrick, Gita, and Sam discuss the controversy over Facebook suppressing conservative news, check up on Gita's ongoing quest for galactic domination, and why the new DOOM is rad.

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    Episode 50: The Wakanda Experience

    Gita reveals her galactic ambitions for the Holy Rihanna State, while Sam and Patrick join the conversation for a breakdown of Marvel's Captain America: Civil War and spoiler culture.

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    Episode 49: Rhythm Violence

    Patrick, Gita, and Sam delve into a digital mailbag to weigh in on how to handle uncomfortable Facebook situations, the power of strawberries, and the price of buying good socks. And video games?

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    Episode 48: Prince's Favorite Lemonade

    Gita and Patrick hold back the tears while discussing the legacy of Prince, before analyzing Beyonce's seminal (and political) new album, Lemonade.

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    Episode 47: Robot Fish In Space

    The podcast welcomes Chicago gaming critic Omar Elaasar to discuss space robot fish, the accessibility of difficult video games, and why Sam Phillips won't just buy an Xbox controller.

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    Episode 46: Frost/Nixon

    With Gita off visiting her boyfriend, Patrick and Sam gush over Hyper Light Drifter before interviewing each other about their jobs.

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    Episode 45: Let's Rapp About Rapp

    After gushing over Nintendo's first mobile app, we dive deep into the company's controversial firing of marketing executive Alison Rapp, following months of harassment.

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    Episode 44: ButtGate

    We try to understand the power dynamics at the heart of the Internet's latest sex controversy, while Patrick and Gita discuss how best to get into the pants of the residents of Stardew Valley.

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    Episode 43: Just A Little Bit Horny

    It's a big lovefest for everything Zach Snyder has ever made, as we prepare for this weekend's Batman v Superman. What could go wrong? Gita and Patrick discuss farming anime in Stardew Valley, and Sam makes some shocking confessions about his health.

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    Episode 42: The One Where We Talk Politics

    With Sam out of town, Gita and Patrick use the contentious Illinois primary to talk about their history with politics, the awkwardness of political conversation, and more. We also touch on The Division, kissing farm boys, and anime boobs.

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    Episode 41: Wrestling Is Anime

    With Patrick on staycation, the group records audio diaries from around Chicago. Patrick muses on attending a WWE event, Gita talked about Mr. Robot, and Sam interviewed Alessio Summerfield, a filmmaker working on a feature about the making of the game Crashlands.

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    Episode 40: #Problematic

    The Oscars are Gita's Super Bowl, so we dig deep into this year's winners, #OscarSoWhite controversy, Chris Rock, and more. We also get SUPER. HOT. SUPER. HOT.

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    Episode 39: Husbañdo

    Gita and Patrick figure out who they're gonna fall in love with in Fire Emblem and XCOM 2, Sam has a karaoke confession, and we discuss the strange story of an app that lets you "steal" people.

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    Episode 38: We Made Kayne West Famous

    The end of this podcast is a Firewatch spoilerfest, so be warned! After that, we discuss the genius and ridiculousness of Kanye West.

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    Episode 37: Don't Tell The FBI About This One

    We discuss our history with piracy and what it means to steal art before breaking down how Beyonce made (some) crotchety white people uncomfortable this week.

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    Episode 36: Donald Rumsfeld (feat. Rihanna)

    After a close analysis of a former secretary of defense's love of anime, we discuss Churchill Solitaire, the problems with Internet activism, and Rihanna's new album, Anti.

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    Episode 35: B.O.B.C.A.S.T.

    After gushing over Oxenfree and The Witness, we search for the truth in the rehashed nostalgia of The X-Files revival and popular rappers who believe jet fuel can't melt steel beams.

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    Episode 34: Olly Olly Oxen Free

    It's a horrorpalooza, as we revisit choose your own death simulator Until Dawn, dig into the spooky teenage ghost story Oxenfree, and examine the Oscars' whiteness problem.

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    Episode 33: Ziggy Stardust And The Video Games From Mars

    It's a bummer of a podcast, as we're joined by Malcolm Christiansen (aka Gita's boyfriend) to go in-depth on recently deceased musician David Bowie and That Dragon, Cancer, a game about a child with terminal cancer.

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    Episode 32: The Podcast Awakens

    A new year, a new podcast, a new format. We shuffle up the podcast's focus by indulging in a conversation about Star Wars as a cultural artifact, and ponder a world where we're never left without something to do.

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    Episode 31: Anime Should Be Illegal

    We discuss the complicated (and weird) controversy over The Beginner's Guide being complicit in a crime, and read a ton of listener mail from you, the listener. You're the best.

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    Episode 30: Anime Legs For Days

    It's a NSFW podcast in which we flip out over Bayonetta in Smash Bros, GameFAQS users having a meltdown, and the prospect of virtual reality theme parks.

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    Episode 29: R.I.P. Virtual Puppies

    We discuss Gita's disturbing adventures in Dwarf Fortress, Patrick's aversion to building furniture in Fallout 4, the strangeness of an eSports player retiring at 20-year-old, and more.

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    Episode 27: Linkle Isn't Enough

    As Thanksgiving nears, we discuss copyright changes at YouTube, why it's okay to think Linkle is both a good AND bad thing, and answer a bunch of your emails.

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    Episode 26: Guest Starring Martin O'Malley

    We welcome a Democratic presidential nominee (by recording in the room next to them), before discussing female Link, making pretty houses in Fallout 4, developing house rules for games, and more.

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    Episode 25: Butt-Focused Camera Angles

    It's a GamerGate-a-palooza with Zoe Quinn selling a book to Hollywood and Capcom "censoring" Street Fighter. Then, Patrick grumbles over Gita enjoying Fallout 4, and we pine for games that let us break them apart.

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    Episode 24: The Joy of Podcasting

    Besides getting Gita to say Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side: 2nd Kiss a dozen times, we discuss the GamerGate controversy at South By Southwest, Karen O's contribution to Tomb Raider, the subversiveness of the original Assassin's Creed, and more.

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    Episode 22: The Jonathan Franzen of Podcasts

    Patrick's discovery of a pie in his mailbox kicks off a discussion of censorship vs. cultural norms, a collective obsession with Downwell, Evan Narcisse's important essay on blackness in games, and more.

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    Episode 21: Death By A Thousand GIFs

    As Patrick slowly loses his sanity to Super Mario Maker, we discuss a swatter going to jail for a year, when fandom crosses the line, and conduct a spoiler chat for The Beginner's Guide. (It's at the very end!)

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    Episode 20: Let Me Peeeeeeeeeeeeee

    As Gita patiently waits for Patrick to introduce a podcast break, we discuss Stephen Colbert's enthusiasm for video games, dig deep into The Beginner's Guide, learn even more about liquid food, and more.

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    Episode 19: Liquid Pizza

    We discuss the hypocrisy of Twitch's approach to sex in games, Nintendo's weirdness about Link as a lady, how to get kids to open up through games, the merits of liquified food, and more.

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    Episode 18: **** That Guy

    We discuss Robert Yang's game about scrubbing dudes in the shower, fanboy over Ta-Nehisi Coates writing Marvel's Black Panther comic, dissect a lengthy interview with an ex-Rockstar employee, and more.

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    Episode 17: Professor Miyamoto

    We discuss the first trailer for Spike Lee's first video game story, when a game's ambition doesn't match its execution, what we can still learn from Mario's first stage, and more.

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    Episode 16: Words, Deeds, And Bikinis

    The group considers headhanon vs. "truth" in the context of Samus Aran possibly being transgender, whether Rihanna is into Pokemon, Quiet's outfit in Metal Gear Solid V, and more.

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    Episode 15: The Hottest Ryu

    Gita returns from Terminal City for us to get way too excited about Carly Rae Jepsen, before discussing the female gaze (or lack thereof), breaking game rules, and more.

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    Episode 14: Just 2 Guyz

    With Gita gone again, we discuss mysteries vs. answers, the amazing (and oddly sexual) games we played at Chicago's Bit Bash event, taking a class in Second Life, and more.

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    Episode 13: Crap, The Moon Blew Up

    Gita "I'm Soooooo Tired" Jackson returns to the podcast as we discuss video game ads on Tinder, why women stay silent, how it's different to get lost in a book vs. a video game, and more.

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    Episode 12: Hedgehog Sex

    Spawn On Me co-host Cicero Holmes regrets being our guest after a lengthy discussion about a truly bizarre Sonic the Hedgehog collection, resurrecting dead multiplayer games, and more.

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    Episode 11: August Never Ends

    We discuss GamerGate in the context of Ian Danskin's excellent "Why Are You So Angry?" web series, why it's weird that Lara Croft loves murdering people, and more.

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    Episode 10: Kids Are Bad At Video Games

    We dissect the popularity of Five Nights at Freddy's, sigh at the cultural desperation of Pixels, discuss the surprisingly lifeless world of the Arkham games, and more.

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    Episode 09: The One Where Gita Cries

    We're blindsided by a touching reader email about Nintendo, get hype for EVO, ponder the meaning of randomized dicks, and much more.

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    Episode 08: A Death In The Family

    We spend a long time remember Nintendo's Satoru Iwata before discussing intent in game advertising, the problem with "guilty pleasures," and more.

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    Episode 07: PewDiePie Is Dating Taylor Swift

    As the summer rolls on, the group examines how kids play Minecraft, the influence of PewDiePie, and the ongoing debate about how games influence people.

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    Episode 06: Very Close, Mechanically, To Crying

    Sam returns from the wilderness to discuss a place called "San Francisco," we celebrate the expansion of gay marriage by examining the dynamics of sexuality in games, and Gita nearly loses it.

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    Episode 05: That's Not How Pregnancy Works

    Creativity culture geek Nick Guren steps in for Sam Phillips as we examine art vs. commercialism, in light of Tale of Tales closing down. Oh, and we get freaked out by Fallout Shelter.

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    Episode 04: Retromancy

    I Need Diverse Games creator Tanya DePass joins us to discuss the women of E3, nostalgia's vise grip on our culture, and avoiding the hype machine.

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    Episode 03: Black Lee

    Name another podcast that spends most of its time discussing the ethics of video game eugenics and Spike Lee's potential as a game creator.

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    Episode 02: Why Don’t You Gita Room

    The untitled Chicagocast gains a name and a purpose. We get psyched for Fallout 4, date some dogs, learn the Israeli version of dodgeball, discuss grief through games, and more.

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    Episode 01: The Pilot

    Kotaku reporter Patrick Klepek hosts the debut episode of a weekly Chicago-based podcast with freelance writer Gita Jackson and middle school teacher Sam Phillips that explores the cultural context of video games.

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